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Supporting and Celebrating Your Best Health


Using Osteopathy, Movement Improvement and Mental Wellbeing

Meet Monica

Osteopath, Movement Expert, Counsellor

My passion is to support people to understand what makes their body function well, their habits of the mind which strengthen or sabotage them, and to support and celebrate with them when they reach their goals. Whether you want to live without pain or PB your the next triathlon, have better relationships at home and work, or build your resilience and self-compassion, my goal is to help you get there.

Strong doesn't have to mean getting muscular or managing it all on your own; it's all about getting your feet on the ground, integrating your feelings with your thought and action, optimising how you move and maybe even performing better at your favourite sport.

The clinic space is a beautifully adapted to support relaxing treatments, increase our capacity in the rehab space, and for talking therapy if that's part of our work together.

This Is What We Do


Online & Corporate

Osteopathy Treatment

Counselling with Transactional Analysis

Packages: Individualised Plan of Wellbeing


A space for you to get to your best movement, your best mindset and celebrate the life you're making.

Our Services



Osteopathy can be useful for all causes of back and joint pain and muscle strains. We like to keep you involved and work together for your full recovery of wellbeing.



Counselling using Transactional Analysis.

Working with relationship difficulties, challenges at work, and other causes of anxiety, TA Counselling aims to bring you into your full capacity and confidence.



Whether recovering from a specific injury or wanting to move better and feel more confident, we can help you with one to one attention and packages of wellbeing.


I have seen Monica a numerous times with different sport related injuries, and she is simply excellent. Her knowledge and effectiveness in treating all injuries and ailments is superb, and she fills me with confidence each time I visit her. She is as brilliant at tending to emotional and mental needs as she is at physical needs too. The Clinic on the Green is a beautiful space and, having seen a number of physios/ osteopaths, none are as good as Monica. She always goes above and beyond and I could not recommend more highly.

- Alex

I went to the Clinic on the Green for treatment on a torn ligament in my back and was gently but firmly nurtured back to full mobility. The Clinic is a very special place and Monica and Hannah fill one with confidence in their ability to help. You begin to feel better simply on opening the door and being welcomed into their calm presence in that warm and positive space.

- Celia

I have been using the Clinic on the Green for over 12 months for sports injury and, separately, the results of whiplash. The treatment I have received, often at short notice, from Monica & Hannah has been excellent always leaving me much improved.

- Paul

- Kate

I have been in pain for months and agony for a week (lower back). After 1 hour with Monica I feel human and able to cope with life! Thank you so much genius stuff and no nasty pain killers.

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