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  • osteopathy Oxfordshire with Monica Franke


    It is such a pleasure to welcome you to my website and introduce you to the clinic. This space has a wonderful calm, inviting you to relax and focus on your health. I am Monica and I have run COTG since May 2013. Increasingly the focus is on blended care - OSTEOPATHY, MOVEMENT & MIND.

  • body therapy Oxfordshire

    My passion

    I have always been in awe of the human body and firmly believe that motion is an important element of being a well functioning human. After 15 years in practice, I am finally feeling that I have a set of skills and broad enough knowledge base that truly supports a wide variety of individuals and their equally individual goals.

  • Treatment for painful hip joint


    I qualified in 2004 from Oxford Brookes University and have worked in city clinics in London and Oxford, high level sport including Oxford University Women's Rowing, Oxford University Athletics Club and GB Ultimate Frisbee, enjoying international training and competition tours with all of these.

    I use a broad range of techniques to recover better motion, restore comfort and enable you to live the best life you choose.

  • Sports therapy Oxfordhire


    I am in awe of the body's capacity for movement. Bringing together elements of Pilates, hypopressives (abdominal vacuum),trauma awareness, postural restoration around breath (PRI) and strength work, I blend this with my osteopathic knowledge and have increasingly developed my own way of both assessing movement and helping you to find yours, overcoming injury and keeping you stronger for longer.

  • Therapeutic counselling Oxfordshire


    Human living and expression in daily life is reflected in the way we hold our body and manifest pains and limitations. It was for this reasons I undertook a course in Complementary and Therapeutic Counselling using Transactional Analysis. Stress certainly lives in the body - shoulders, tummy, hips - as do the core emotions fear, grief, anger and even joy or restrained joy.

  • Transactional Analysis and counselling North Oxfordshire


    I undertook the training in Transactional Analysis- a total of 600 teaching hours and over 200 supervised client hours - because more and more was showing up on the treatment couch that wasn't just physical. My intention is always that both I and my clients leave in our fullest capacity and sometimes the process is a mixture of naming what is present physically and allowing someone to explore what this means for them emotionally. And sometimes, it's just talking.

  • Hannah Parr Osteopath Oxfordshire

    Hannah Parr

    Hannah's journey with osteopathy has taught her the importance of treating the body as a whole and the power of touch. She has a keen interest in trying to find the cause of the pain and treating the body structurally, biomechanically and functionally for a more holistic approach.

    Hannah has taken qualifications in yoga, dry needling and hydrotherapy and is heavily involved in community aqua programs.

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