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The ME2ME Programme is a unique 10-week course designed to support you through the process of change.

Integrate movement, body-conditioning and counselling-style sessions to unearth your full potential.

Be better in the next decade than you were in your last, maintain the health and fitness you want for yourself, and acquire clarity of mind that integrates wellness for a truly celebratory life.

Me2Me Programme by Monica Franke

Body and Breath Work

Me2Me Programme - Body and Breath work


Me2Me Programme - Movement & Body Work


Me2Me Programme - Mind Work

What you'll get.

10 weeks of thorough support in creating lasting change to your well-being.

A preliminary assessment session to establish your goals, both long & short-term.

Weekly one-to-one transactional analysis sessions with the course leader, Monica Franke.

Twice weekly one-hour group movement sessions to enhance your physical well-being

Additional contact calls in weeks 4 and 8. 

A complimentary journal to document your progress.

Follow up contact one month, three months and twelve months post-programme to monitor your progress.

... and much more!

Be better in your next decade than you were in your last.

What is the ME2ME Programme?

Delivered by Monica Franke, the ME2ME Programme combines activities for the body & mind, designed to support you in becoming a happier, healthier, more fulfilled version of yourself.

The bespoke 10-week course provides one to one sessions, as well as group activities to help you generate and maintain momentum to see consistent progress. 

Me2Me Programme - What is it?
Me2Me Programme - Develop your body


Whether you are recovering from back pain or an injury, or want to strengthen your base of conditioning and tissue to engage in your sports with more confidence and reduced injury risk, we will develop a bespoke plan that meets your needs. Our 1-2-1 sessions are in Weeks 0, 4 and 8.


In week 0, we will do a movement assessment, from which I can understand your patterns and create your bespoke plan.

Me2Me Programme - Enable movement


Twice a week, we will move together.  These sessions will reinforce the underlying movements and principles which we apply in your bespoke plan and will include positional breathing and principles of breathwork.


Community is so important, and I am really looking forward to being present with you throughout these sessions to help you move, breathe and grow.

Me2Me Programme - Improve your mind


This part of the program is our opportunity to meet with the parts of your internal drive, your goals and your vision for yourself, as well as the parts which struggle, sabotage and fizzle away.


In our weekly one-to-one sessions, we will find the strategies that you need to maintain momentum and consistent, balanced progress.

You also get your own complimentary journal, to be a companion throughout the process.

Me2Me Programme - Who's it for?

Who is the ME2ME Programme suitable for?

Whether you are a seasoned sports enthusiast, are returning to exercise after a child, or need rehabilitation support due to an injury, the ME2ME Programme will be suitable for you. 

The course is bespoke and designed specifically for the individual, to support through the mental and emotional challenges that can sometimes derail us from our intentions. 

Designed by an osteopath & movement expert, the programme is well placed to support you and your conditioning, no matter what stage of your journey.

Me2Me Programme - Sign Up Today

You are not your circumstances.
You are your possibilities.

Pay in Full

One off payment for full course access

3 installments of £320

Pay over three months whilst building your new skills

What commitment is required?

The goal of the ME2ME programme is to support you physically and emotionally through the challenges of creating lasting change and confidence in your wellbeing.

After a preliminary assessment, individuals can start their 10-week course. Through the duration of the programme, you will meet with Monica on a one-to-one basis once a week. In weeks 4 and 8, you will also be able to access additional one-to-one sessions. 

In addition, you will meet twice per week for 2x one-hour group movement sessions.

Following completion of the 10-weeks, you will also receive follow up calls one month, three months and 10 months afterwards. 

Me2Me Programme - What commitment is required.
Monica Franke - Clinic on the Green Osteopath & Me2Me Programme Leader.png

About the course leader:
Monica Franke.

Monica has been passionate about movement forever! As a 5 year old in her birthplace of Zimbabwe, she used to run through the elephant grass with her dad ("Wait for me!"), and latterly as an osteopath whose worked with numerous atheletes, clubs and pursued her own fitness

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