Osteopathy & Wellbeing Packages

In osteopathy and movement, we will always start with talking through the background of your complaint and exploring other elements of your medical background. Assessment is of the whole body so that we can understand how things are working together (or not so well) and then agree on a plan of treatment, which will be both passive (we are working on you)  and active (you are working on yourself), and of course, always collaborative (we're working together).
Sand Dunes

Counselling with Transactional Analysis

Transactional analysis (TA) has at its core a theory of "physis" - rediscovering your full capacity and energy for life.
Whether at home, work, in your parenting or with your parents, or even just how you feel in and with yourself, I would be gad to support you in rediscovering and redefining your fullest self.