Monica Franke

Monica Franke. Osteopath in Oxfordshire. Owner - Clinic on the Green

Monica Franke – Osteopathy, sports injuries, Pilates

I Graduated from Oxford Brookes Osteopathy Program in October 2003, and have since worked around Oxfordshire, in London and now with my own clinic in Bletchingdon. With a history of working with osteopathy and Pilates for general and sports populations, I find these two parts of my work fit very well together and have enjoyed adding to my professional portfolio.

My passion is to help people to understand how they are doing something in poor, and then in optimal function. By using the principles and application of both osteopathy and Pilates, my past work with athletes, and my continuing development, I use all kinds of therapy and exercise techniques with my patients. These include myofascial release, joint manipulation, breathing exercises and postural restoration and am a keen advocate of using weights. They all have their value and their place in optimizing form and performance, and not just in athletes.

Other roles and areas of development in recent years have included work as a senior lecturer and clinic tutor at Oxford Brookes University until December 2010, gaining a PGCTHE qualification in the process.

I received my Dry Needling qualification with British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS) in 2010, which I find particularly useful for sports injuries and other acute muscle problems. The Myers MyoFascial Trains in-depth courses with James Earls – fascinating and wonderfully useful for all my patient groups.

Most recently, I have been working with dance populations and conducted two courses with the Postural Restoration Institute in US and Lisa Howells (of The Ballet Blog) Level 1 for Dance Teachers and Care Professionals. In addition, I am currently undertaking the Peoples Practitioner Diploma in Transactional Analysis (TA) Counselling. This is further to two years previous TA training and enables me to provide the appropriate support of the emotional and performance related challenges many of my patients face.

I now offer standard 40 minute osteopathic treatment within a full hour time slot. This is so that I can ensure time for clinical reflection and TA application where relevant (discussed and contractually agreed). It also allows me to extend the duration of treatment if I feel a patient requires this on the day, at no further cost. Finally, it cancels out the likelihood of over-running my schedule!

Do give me a call if there is something you’d like to discuss and I look forward to being able to help you with the aches, strains and challenges you have.