Daniel Collado

Daniel Collado is a Personal Trainer based in Oxfordshire

Daniel Collado Rodríguez – Personal Trainer

I am passionate about physical activities. I’m very friendly and am an active person. I’m into fitness because I think sport activity is a different way to communicate with people, have a good time and also achieve your goals in fitness lifestyle.

I’m a very motivated person and believe I pass this motivation onto all my clients and friends.

I love sport activities particularly strength training and powerlifting. I also really value Pilates and am starting to train in Callisthenics – which is harder than it seems!

In regards to my personal training, I’m a bit strict but I do like to ensure that my clients have fun and enjoy the time they spend in their sessions. We’re in it together to ensure that they reach their goals. My theory to personal training is that as humans, we all require different direction, because everyone is different. Also in my personal training, first thing to do is try to ensure all my clients will know how their bodies works, and then teach them how to use it properly, one of the best tools for me in this is Pilates. I conduct PT at Spirit Health & Leisure, Holiday Inn, Pear Tree. You don’t need a membership to take advantage of these sessions.

I now take all of the Pilates classes for COTG, and Monica covers me if I am away. You can register directly with the clinic.

And I work closely with Hannah for some patients doing hydrotherapy and who are ready to make a transition through the stages of land based therapy.

My Qualifications:

  • Level 3 fitness instructor
  • Swimming instructor
  • Pilates instructor
  • Pool Attendant
  • First Aid Trained
  • Personal trainer level 3
  • Nutrition advisor qualified
  • Aqua fitness instructor