Angela Power

Angela Power - Osteopath in Oxfordshire

Angela Power – Cranial, visceral & children’s osteopathy

Angela Power graduated in 2010 and started working with Franke Osteopathy shortly afterwards. Even before graduating, she has had a strong sense of the direction in which she wanted to take her professional work and has done a significant number of courses, volunteer and clinical hours focused on cranial, paediatric and visceral osteopathy.

Through recent studies into the gut structure and flora, the importance of gut health is becoming more widely accepted. Angela is a sensitive practitioner with a wide and up to date body of knowledge, enabling her patients to find fuller health and well being in body and mind.

Her study of The Gentle Birth Method devised by Gowri Motha, has prompted her to continue her study with this amazing woman who first introduced water births into NHS and to work closely in the support of mums and dads as they begin the journey in pregnancy, childbirth and family life.

Angela encourages parents who are not familiar with cranial osteopathy to book an appointment for themselves or ask for a complimentary mini treatment. She believes this is integral in the healing process for children because it helps parents relate to the healing process their children are experiencing as well as helps open communication between client, parents and practitioner.

Angela teaches anatomy and technique to massage students, and enjoys running and taking weekends away with her family and puppydog.

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