Sports Injuries & Performance

We help with sports injuries & performance

At Clinic on the Green we work collaboratively to help those who enjoy exercise and sport to perform better. If you have sustained an injury or are just functioning under par, we recommend a good deep tissue massage and a biomechanical assessment. From there, we help to identify underlying problems in joint control or muscle balance and can advise on how to improve these things for yourself, and whether one or two further treatments will be necessary. Sometimes a good sports massage is all it takes; sometimes, a little more goes a long way.

Monica Franke - Osteopath OxfordshireAlex Smolonska - Massage Therapist OxfordWhich therapist?

Sports Injury treatment is practised by Monica Franke and Alex Smolonska.

Sy has a strength and conditioning and rugby background; he himself works and has trained alongside the best coaches in Oxford. He gives great advice about stretching, strengthening and self care.

Monica spent over a decade working within sports clubs and providing Pilates and conditioning sessions and treatment for athletes in rowing, athletics and Ultimate Frisbee. She combines osteopathic treatment with manipulation as indicated, dry needling and K-taping for best results.