January 17, 2014

Quick nutritional tips for sticking to your New Resolutions!

Small changes make a big difference – Helen Money, Nutritionist

The New Year often brings enthusiasm for change which is a great opportunity to get into a new exercise regime, change our diet to lose weight or be healthier. But what happens as we move through January and into February? Has enthusiasm waned?  This is often because we make such big changes that are unachievable and unsustainable. Don’t be disheartened if this has happened to you. Small changes make big differences.

Rather than changing your whole diet  identify the things that will make the biggest difference. This could be as simple as eating a minimum of 5 fruit and vegetables a day – add a fruit with breakfast, a handful of salad with lunch, a mid afternoon fruit snack and 2 portions of vegetables with dinner or eating green leafy vegetables everyday. If you want to lose a little weight or stop weight creeping on then reduce your intake by 100 kcals a day. Over a year this will reduce weight by 10lbs (from a steady weight). This only requires small simple changes such as cutting out 2 biscuits a day, 1 glass of wine less a day or switching from a snack of cake to yogurt and fruit. Alternatively you may need to look at your portion sizes. Getting portion size right will help weight loss and provide us with the nutrients we need in the right proportions. Our hands are a great guide as shown in the picture below.

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