Pilates classes

Pilates run by Clinic on the Green

NB: Pilates classes will resume in January 2017

Pilates Classes Oxfordshire

Pilates Classes Oxfordshire

Kirtlington C of E School



Pilates followed by Weights Conditioning (optional)


7.45pm – 9.15pm Pilates followed by weights conditioning (optional)

This class is led by sensitive and experienced personal trainer Daniel Collado.


Monica also teaches group sessions for companies as part of a wellbeing at work activity. This has been shown to raise morale and productivity. If your company would be interested in corporate fitness sessions, please do get in touch.

Monica Franke - Osteopath OxfordshireWhich Therapist?

Pilates classes are run by Osteopath, Monica Franke

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a system of exercise developed by Josef Pilates in the 1920′s. It focuses on exercising the deep stabilising muscles of the pelvis, while encouraging continual movement through the limbs. Because of the principles of Pilates – focus, core activation, lateral breathing and continuous, lengthening movement – you feel and see changes very quickly, and you get to know your body in the process. It helps you to confidently define and rely on your body in the way you want to. It is fantastic as the first step in returning to exercise or overcoming injury. It also works as an adjunct to other exercise or sport, creating a strong central base of support, greater body awareness and lengthened muscle tone.

Pilates Muscles

The key area of focus in Pilates is a groups of muscles which lie between the belly button and the pubic bone and then the pubic bone to the coccyx. I call this the Pilates ‘L’ – if you think of looking at the body side on and visualizing the lines of these muscles. Also important is the deepest layer of tummy muscles called the transversus abdomonis, the oblique muscles and the respiratory diaphragm. Together these help to create a constant relationship between the pelvis and the rib cage. This provides a mechanism of control and feedback about how we load our spine and other joints. This prevents us from using the back incorrectly to achieve movements and helps to set the body up for efficient, strong muscle control.

Taking a critical look at Pilates

In the practice of Pilates, it must be understood that it focuses on muscles which act as stabilisers within a system whose purpose is mobility and power. Stability is required so that the transfer of force and load through the body can take place, and take place efficiently. If the body was only composed of bone and ligament, with no muscle, it would buckle under the equivalent of only four and half pounds of compressive load.

This means that not only do we need our muscles to have strength, we need them to work in a chain with other muscles and to be well integrated with our nervous system. This allows us to develop a good sense of balance and to perform daily and sporting activities as efficiently and powerfully as possible. Above all, this goes a long way towards avoiding injury.

Pilates is one of the best ways to establish these base elements of fitness, so that we can diversify and build on them as we need, or to simply maintain great tone and body awareness.


Monica is a great trainer and coach with amazing insight and knowledge. Her passion is infectious which makes it easy to continue training at home. Combine this with her obvious technical excellence and it’s a package that makes a huge difference.

I have had back problems for quite some time, I was doing long hours at work, and very little exercise. I wanted to get back into Pilates because I knew it was such a good all round form of exercise and I knew the benefits it would have for my back.

I had done Pilates with a number of clubs and teachers. So, I thought I had an idea of what to expect and what I wanted but I wasn’t fully prepared for Monica! She’s got a very holistic approach and its obvious that her knowledge of osteopathy drives everything she does and it makes such a difference with the Pilates.

I always come away from Monica’s feeling that I’ve had a better workout than any gym session I’ve ever had. But most importantly, I actually feel as if I’m laying foundations that will help me achieve my goals, and benefit me long into the future.

As I’ve invested in 1-2-1 sessions with Monica, she can give me detailed notes of the issues we cover in each session. We’ve also been able to video my progress and this helps drive my performance and supports me in continuing to practice in between sessions. JQ, Dec 2010.

A renewed interest in athletics in my late twenties, coupled with a resolute stubbornness to appreciate my body’s limits, has prompted fairly regular visits to Monica Franke. As an athlete and patient, I have found her treatment and recovery/prevention programs to be sound and efficient, and as a professional biologist, I have found the technical explanations and discussions that accompany the hands-on therapy to be reassuringly detailed and authoritative. Without such experienced help so readily available, I would probably have spent most of the last two seasons nursing a succession of hamstring injuries; instead I have recovered fast from occasional problems, learnt to condition my body to frequent, strenuous exercise and run much faster than I did in my late teens!” AD, Feb 2011.

“As with many other professional musicians, for years I struggled with back issues that weren’t resolving with a variety of solutions. The treatments I got with Monica finally got to the heart of the matter and along with her advice for ways of maintaining those gains I’ve been able to prevent any serious recurrences of the problem and it no longer interferes with my work, which is wonderful.”
PW, 2009

“Monica loves what she does and it shows.
As a sports fanatic I’ve had my fair share of injuries, aches and pains and have visited a number of Physios and Osteopaths in my time – Monica is in a different class to the others. She really takes time to properly explore with you what is behind the presenting problem, explains what she is doing in a way that can be understood and is increadibly warm and caring in her approach.”
HCE, 2010

“Monica is a thorough professional who combines deep knowledge of osteopathy and an instinctive understanding of client needs. She’s constantly upgrading her knowledge and I’m always impressed with her ‘get-up-and-go’ spirit. She’s a joy to work with and an asset to any team or organisation.”
DT, 2011.