Pilates Classes Kirtlington

Pilates run by Clinic on the Green

Pilates Classes North Oxfordshire

Pilates Classes Oxfordshire

Kirtlington C of E School



Pilates followed by Weights Conditioning (optional)


7.45pm – 9.15pm Pilates followed by weights conditioning (optional)


Daniel Collado is a Personal Trainer based in OxfordshireWhich Therapist?

Pilates classes are run by Personal Trainer, Daniel Collado.

“In regards to my personal training, I’m a bit strict but I do like to ensure that my clients have fun and enjoy the time they spend in their sessions. We’re in it together to ensure that they reach their goals.”

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a system of exercise developed by Josef Pilates in the 1920′s. It focuses on exercising the deep stabilising muscles of the pelvis, while encouraging continual movement through the limbs. Because of the principles of Pilates – focus, core activation, lateral breathing and continuous, lengthening movement – you feel and see changes very quickly, and you get to know your body in the process. It helps you to confidently define and rely on your body in the way you want to.

For me, the key goal of Pilates is to be able to separate the control of the pelvis, ribcage and shoulder blades and hence create great position feedback, body control and injury prevention.

Pilates Muscles

The key area of focus in Pilates is a group of muscles, which lie between the belly button and the pubic bone and then the pubic bone to the coccyx. I call this the Pilates ‘L’.

Also important is the deepest layer of tummy muscles called the transversus abdomonis, the oblique muscles and the respiratory diaphragm, which is also the focus of PRI techniques too. Together these help to create a functional relationship between the pelvis and the rib cage, which then provides a mechanism of control and feedback about how we load our spine and other joints. This prevents us from using the back incorrectly to achieve movements and helps to set the body up for efficient, strong muscle control.