January 26, 2014

Can you overtrain the core?

Listening to another pro – by Monica Franke
This is a link to a recent article by the excellent Eric Cressey, a strength and conditioning coach in Boston, US:
And here are my thoughts too!
Thanks Eric; once again, a brilliantly put together piece about some under-considered questions.
I think one of the things that many people overlook about ‘core’ is that it’s not just about the muscles in the belly and the butt, but also the outer slings, the muscle chains that act in concert to compress the sacrum and transfer force.
In this, the importance of balanced stability and mobility/ compression and propulsion is key. Sport specifics, power, endurance and speed can built on this.
The neural efficiency is also a great one to think about for returning-to-fitness clients, those with injuries and post-partum women.

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