Osteopathy at Clinic on the Green

Osteopathy is wide-ranging in its application, and can be used for work-related pain, sporting injuries, the progression of aging and for children. Osteopaths use a number of manual techniques to help to restore balance and allow a process of healing, believing that the flow of fluids (blood, lymph, articular, inter-cellular and cerebrospinal) are central to maintaining health, and that the structural components of the body (muscles, ligaments, joints, nerves, discs) are strongly related to their efficient function, interaction and ultimately, to your comfort.

“If the body structure is altered, then proper function is altered and can cause pain and illness.” Dr Andrew Still – Founder of Osteopathy.

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis which helps to identify problems and resolve them through gentle massage, manipulation, joint articulation and exercise advice if indicated. The aim is to work with your body, to recover functional movement and to help bring the body systems into balance, most especially encouraging the optimum flow of blood and nutrients.

Sports injuries are given attention according to the details of injury and the rigours of training with the intention of returning you to your activities as quickly and in as full health as possible, which may be achieved with adjunctive techniques such as kinesio-taping, ultrasound and dry needling.

Who needs Osteopathy treatment?

When the body is dysfunctional, it has a number of protective mechanisms, which in the initial stages of injury serve us well. However, factors such as mal-alignment, inflammation and altered responses in the nervous system may become ongoing and cause pain. This is usually the point at which most people seek treatment.

At Clinic on the Green in Oxfordshire, our osteopaths will help to alleviate the pain and discomfort wherever possible, help you to understand the mechanism by which the problem arose, and help you to use a few simple methods to manage your pain and prevent the problem from recurring in the future.

Our professionalism

There may be instances in which your practitioner doesn’t feel are within the osteopathic professional capacity. In such cases we will, with your permission, contact your GP and/or refer you to the appropriate consultant or therapist.

Osteopathy practitioners are bound by a Standard of Practice, and must be registered with our governing body, the General Osteopathic Council.

Monica Franke - Osteopath OxfordshireAngela Power - Osteopath in OxfordshireHannah Parr - OsteopathHannah Clinging Osteopath North Oxfordshire

Which therapist?

Osteopathy is practised by Monica Franke, Angela Power, Hannah Parr and Hannah Clinging.