September 2, 2018

PRI – Starts With Using The Breath

Using PRI Techniques alongside Pilates and Osteopathy

A couple of years ago, I embarked on a training course in something previously unknown in UK. PRI – Postural Restoration Institute– is a system of diagnosis, rehabilitation and treatment founded in US.

PRI has breathing mechanics at its core, and really bridges manual therapy and personal training (PT), being useful in both settings. This fits so well with my own paradigm of working with the body, and of helping an individual to find their optimum function for their lifestyle.

I have now done two courses in PRI; I really believe in the theory and practice of it- but I struggled to get my head around how to incorporate it with the rest of my work and how to make easy for people to practice the techniques regularly at home. So I offered a bunch of free sessions to people who were willing to try something a little different and be my guinea pigs!

I love Pilates. Now, I am also loving the use of PRI technique to develop integration of breath, body and mind.

So here is a short video that explains some basic PRI theory, why I love it and how to start.

Let me know how you get on!



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