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PRI – Starts With Using The Breath

Using PRI Techniques alongside Pilates and Osteopathy A couple of years ago, I embarked on a training course in something previously unknown in UK. PRI – Postural Restoration Institute– is a system of diagnosis, rehabilitation and treatment founded in US. PRI has breathing mechanics at its core, and really bridges manual therapy and personal training […]

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Through this coming year at COTG we will be exploring the changes, which come about with the seasons, and how this affects our wellbeing. As we move from Christmas and festive holidays, I always find myself feeling rather reflective, and the slowing down of winter does seem to drive one into contemplation and inner change. […]

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Pilates for weight lifters

Why pilates for weight lifters? It sounds like a contradiction in terms, doesn’t it?! Build awareness of body movements to optimise strength through postural control I have worked with power-lifters and sporting populations, often lifting well in excess of their own body weight and I have never stopped believing that some of the core principles […]

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