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Women’s Pelvic Health – discussed by visceral osteopath, Angela Power

Improving women’s pelvic health can improve more than just lower back pain… The pelvic health of many women can be compromised by gynaecological issues ranging from painful periods, difficult pregnancies and birth, and infertility.  Female diseases such as Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovaries are also common place.  These can seriously impact our pelvic health and our […]

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PRI – Starts With Using The Breath

Using PRI Techniques alongside Pilates and Osteopathy A couple of years ago, I embarked on a training course in something previously unknown in UK. PRI – Postural Restoration Institute– is a system of diagnosis, rehabilitation and treatment founded in US. PRI has breathing mechanics at its core, and really bridges manual therapy and personal training […]

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Birth and Death

Birth and Death The Spectrum of Life – Through Massage Last week I attended the birth of a very special little girl as her mother’s doula. As soon as I entered the home I was welcomed by the familiar and gentle ambience of early labour.   I have experienced this very special atmosphere at many […]

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Tapping towards Freedom

EFT in the media – Linda Flanigan, Hypnotherapist In the link below is a recent news piece featuring Professor Tony Stewart talking about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or ‘tapping technique’. This is a wonderfully simple technique to begin positive reinforcements in areas in which you find yourself fearful, anxious or lacking confidence and strength. It can […]

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