About the Clinic

Situated on the beautiful Bletchingdon village green in rural North Oxfordshire, the clinic serves the surrounding villages of Kidlington, Bicester and Launton, Woodstock, Islip, the Heyfords, the Bartons, Middle Stoney, North Aston and Tackley.

We also attract clients from Oxford itself (only 7 miles away) and from the Cotswolds towns of Witney, Brill and Chipping Norton.

The location, as well as being comfortably accessible, provides an idyllic and tranquil backdrop to help enhance the effectiveness of our natural health therapies.

Therapies include osteopathy, cranial & visceral osteopathy, massage, nutrition, sports therapy and Pilates.

Our aim is to provide a unique approach to complementary health, which is collaborative and holistic whilst still keeping a keen focus on current developments and research. We want you to feel confident of receiving professional, up-to-date and individualised care.

The building is 17th century and was sympathetically renovated in 2000 using natural materials throughout. A mezzanine gives an interior spaciousness that belies its quaint exterior, and the atmosphere perfectly supports the natural therapies, which are offered.


On street parking is available and an access ramp is provided for wheelchair users.

As far as possible, we ask you please not to park directly outside the clinic building, but to give respectful space to the farmhouse across the road, which sees a lot of farm vehicle traffic. With many thanks.

What to expect


We take your privacy and confidentiality seriously and beyond this first step of ensuring your details and permission are up-to-date, please remember to contact us at any time this changes, or at any later time you wish to view your files and to ask us about other in-house processes, which we use to maintain records in a safe and legal manner.

New patient info and forms

Depending on which therapist you see, the treatment process will involve slightly different things. There will be an initial consultation in all cases, though for massage, this takes the form of a short questionnaire regarding your health history.

The osteopaths will all take a more detailed case history regarding the problem you are presenting with, any accidents or traumas incurred previously and an overview of your organ systems (eg, do you experience indigestion or headaches). Some things, which may seem totally unrelated to you, may make some connected sense to an osteopath!

If you see more than one COTG therapist, we will ask your permission to share this information and our clinical findings and diagnosis, so that your treatment can be seamless and there is little time wasted with repetition.

For some, but not all of the therapies, you will be asked to remove some of your clothes, so that assessment and treatment is optimised. Please feel free to bring shorts, and also to tell us if there is anything you are not comfortable with, for whatever reason. We respect all of your wishes and our aim is to help you to feel more comfortable.

If you are seeing Hannah for hydrotherapy, please feel free to wear leggings and a t-shirt in the water too.

We take our professionalism very seriously and uphold the regulation of our governing bodies.

The Regulation of Osteopaths from institute of Osteopathy: www.osteopathy.org/osteopathy/patient-safety

Price list

Initial ConsultationFollow Up AppointmentsOther
Osteopathy£50 (45 mins)£50 (45 mins)Monica
Osteopathy£48 (45 mins)£48 (45 mins)Hannah

Prices effective from 10 June 2019.  Cancellation Charges will remain at £30 – we ask for 48 hours notice in order to facilitate making the time reasonably available for someone else.

* Monica will be offering Therapeutic Counselling from 1 July 2019. For those who have assisted her in gaining her training hours, the fee will be £20 until the end of the year.

Professional Bodies

Institute of OsteopathyGeneral Osteopathic Council
ITECSutherland Cranial College of OsteopathySimply Health

Insurance Providers we are covered by

AXA PPP HealthcareWPA

AvivaPru HealthNutrition SocietyVitality Health

Exercises (with useful links)

Monica Franke Pilates & Performance on YouTube

Pilates Exercises

Spine Health – very informative about different problems, great videos of the anatomy involved, and exercise recommendations too – I refer to this one a lot:

Spine Health Exercises

Plant Fascia Pain Reduction – Exercises to start your day the right way – this has really helped a few of my patients:

Planter Fascia Exercises