What can Reiki do for you?

Reiki translates as ‘spirit vital energy’ or ‘life force energy’ in Japanese, and is a form of spiritual healing. Practitioners attuned to Reiki, channel the energy to the client in hand positions that mirror the chakras in the body. Bryony uses light, soft touch to bring balance and harmony to your body, mind and soul.

Reiki energy is gentle and healing, and works at all levels of your being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. By connecting with the physical body and encouraging a restorative state, the mind is able to relax, the body can rejuvenate and you open to your inner wisdom.

A series of sessions can take you on a journey within, shifting your focus from the external world to your true self. Reiki assists you in releasing the past, connecting to yourself in the present moment, and opening to your spiritual guidance.

Bryony France - Holistic Therapist-Which therapist?

Reiki is run by Bryony France

Bryony’s approach at Clinic on the Green

Bryony believes that everyone can find a deep inner peace, where they feel centred, grounded and calm. In today’s world it is especially important that we make time and allow space for healing, relaxation and divine self-care. Reiki is one way to access this tranquillity.

Bryony combines Reiki with her experience of angels and archangels, creating an incredibly gentle and peaceful flow of energy. She is a channel for divine energy, which is non-denominational and works across all faiths, or none.

Clients describe Reiki with Bryony as very peaceful and calming – like magic!

Recommended sessions

The number of sessions is determined by you, and can be discussed at your first appointment. By listening to your body and your intuition, you can tune into your current needs for healing and relaxation.

One session will help you feel clearer and calmer, and may be enough for you to feel recharged in your life.

When you have been feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or experienced major life changes, you may benefit from a number of sessions, facilitating the body’s own healing and creating a smoother path through the present difficulties.