Creative Kinesiology

Kinesiology is based upon the work of chiropractors in the 1950s, specifically George Goodheart, who found isolating particular muscles and testing them could indicate alignment and flow in the body. The creative aspect of Creative Kinesiology was further developed by Haakon Lovell in the 1980s, who embraced the mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of a person.

Chinese Medicine and the meridian systems of the body underpin the therapy of Creative Kinesiology. One of the main principles is to bring the system into balance through the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. By discovering blocks in the energy flow and releasing them, balance can be restored and more energy is available to you to put in the direction you choose.

Overall Creative Kinesiology assists you in feeling balanced as you walk your unique path in life. This could mean letting go of old patterns, finding your soul purpose, discovering your hidden gifts and talents or becoming more centred and authentic. Through discussion, clear intention and techniques that activate your self-healing, you will see profound inner transformation.

Bryony’s approach at Clinic on the Green

Bryony has trained with the School of Creative Kinesiology in their LifeTracking and Way of the Tracker courses. She draws together her previous studies in nutrition, counselling and energy therapies, to work with you holistically.

Bryony holds a deep spiritual magic and brings gifts of healing. She blends intuition, sensitivity and listening skills to walk with you on your path to integration and wholeness.

Recommended sessions

Creative Kinesiology works deeply and optimally over a period of sessions, as you discover the root of difficulties and disturbances.

The number and frequency of sessions will be discussed at your first appointment and regularly during the work together. This may be weeks, months or years, depending on whether the problem is acute or chronic, and the level of support required at this time.